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The Gales is located on the south side of the charming town of Ladysmith, BC. Named one of Canada's 10 most prettiest towns by Harrowsmith Country Life Magazine Ladysmith's historical downtown district consists of streets lined with quaint shops, galleries and restaurants as well as the necessities of modern life.

It has been said that Ladysmith is "Remote enough to feel free of urban nuisances, urban enough not to feel remote" (Harrowsmith Country Life Magazine, April 2000). The town boasts two distinct business centres: the historical downtown district (North Ladysmith) and the Coronation mall (south Ladysmith) separated by the forested Holland Creek valley.

Along Ladysmiths's waterfront lies Transfer Beach Park, sure to be one of your favourite locales. Wish such amenities as picnic facilities, sheltered cooking areas, large playgrounds and open fields there is something for everyone here. Stroll along the sandy beaches collecting shells or sit on one of the many benches and watch the world tranquilly slip by. The seasonal concession stand, water play park, kayak rentals and ample lighting make Transfer Beach Park a great year round destination day or night.

Rocky Beach

The park's outdoor amphitheatre annually hosts the Ladysmith Lumberjack Competition. Among the events in the competition is the pole climbing event where lumberjacks race up and down massive free standing wooden tree poles right on the waterfront! Events taking place at the park include car shows and, among others, the kayaking festival Paddlefest.

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